Situated in the heart of the Alta Langa, Cravanzana is one of the most important towns for the production of the Piedmont PGI Hazelnut – Alta Langa

Set on the summit of a small hill and nestling against the banks of the River Belbo, it rises 555 metres above sea level and is laid out around the medieval castle.
The area’s particular physical and climatic conditions, and the characteristics of its soil, together with skilful and respectful cultivation techniques, make this corner of Piedmont the perfect place for the production of hazelnuts with superior sensorial qualities. The altitude, calcareous-clay soil and climate mitigated by sea breezes that blow up from the Ligurian Apennines have a positive influence on the cultivation of the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe variety.
Believing in its potential, Marco Robaldo worked hard to promote and enhance the Cravanzana hazelnut during his 15 years as mayor of the town.