Il Ciabot

Il Ciabot

Here you should have found 30 hazelnut trees..

The original idea was to pull down the ruin, prepare the soil and plant about thirty trees, but the family did not agree with this plan. Marco had dreamed a lot about this Ciabot of 1600 (in the Piedmontese dialect the Ciabot is a tiny little house set in the middle of the landscape, usually vineyards). He thought about it as a place that passed through the ages, changing intended use and occupants, as a silent witness of the changing of the landscape and life in our area.

Ever since Marco was a child, he saw this shed as a fairytale place. And so, thanks to the intercession of Augusto Blotto (the most prolific Italian living poet and dear friend of the Robaldo family) the owner of the ruin agreed to sell it to us, and step by step we transformed it.

Marco worked for months, fixed the walls, the roof, the interiors. He personally carved the heraldic coat of arms placed above the fireplace. He refurbished floors and stairs.

Today the shed is our little meeting point on summer evenings, a quiet place, immersed in the green, from where we can take a look at the lovely landscape that surrounds our estate.

This is a piece of history of our territory: a building used by the nobles during the hunting trips, a special setting for family lunches and dinners today.

You want to know something more about the history of Ciabòt? Ask Marco, he will be glad to tell you its story!