Welcome to our family

We are the Robaldo family and Cravanzana is our home.

We have been cultivating hazelnuts right here for four generations.

It’s a life choice, guided by our hearts: this land has given us so much, and we feel deeply connected to it.

Our family hazel groves extend in long rows of trees, among which you can find our grass care workers, the goats!

As we decided to rely on experts, we chose dwarf goats to take care of the hazel groves because no other system is safer,  more accurate and has zero impact on the environment.

Also, whenever we are busy working in the fields, it is pretty nice and relaxing seeing them passing by.

Passion for sweets

Barbara, just like her mother before her, is very keen on sweets: what amazing desserts she can cook with our BIO hazelnuts! The tempting smell of cakes fresh from the oven would spread around the neighborhood way faster than a text from a groupchat on WhatsApp.

Where we come from, hazelnuts have always been an important means of communication: they beat the time, attract the curious, liven up the landscape and improve one’s wellbeing.

Barbara’s experience, Marco’s knowledge of the land and its fruits, Alberto and Andrea’s sincere passion and their enthusiasm are all the ingredients for this new challenge we decided to take on: it is not only about cultivating hazelnuts, but also processing them into hazelnut spread, paste and toasted hazelnuts, the perfect combination of scent, taste and genuineness.

We are a very close family and you will notice it if you decide to come visit us. It will be a great pleasure to welcome you!

Cuor di Nocciola

Cravanzana, Alta Langa, Piemonte - ITALY

Cravanzana, Alta Langa, ITALY

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For four generations the Robaldo family has been growing hazelnuts in Cravanzana village, in the Alta Langa area, Italy.

Craftsmanship, the pursuit of the highest quality and respect for the environment emphasize the characteristics of excellence of the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut, the pride of these territories.

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