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Five facts you may not know about Hazelnuts. We bet you don’t know at least one of the facts we are about to tell you about Hazelnuts!

1.  The hazelnut was one of the first fruit trees cultivated by man.

Before the development of agriculture, the primitive man ate fruits, wild berries and also hazelnuts! Among the first cultivated trees there was precisely the hazelnut. The passion for this fruit has very ancient roots.

2.  Chocolate of the Langhe

The Langhe hills were a very poor place in the past and in order to overcome difficult times, people managed to make the most with what they had available. For example the roasted hazelnut revealed itself as great substitute for chocolate: it has a very harmonious and full taste, very similar to that of cocoa.

3.  A variety that conquered the world

The Tonda Gentile Trilobata is universally recognized as the best variety in the world. Its features are unique, it has a perfectly balanced flavor and a good production yield.

4.  It’s a superfood, but also a magic food!

It is a known fact that hazelnut is a good food. But did you know it is also magic? Since ancient times the hazelnut was linked to wellness, health and joy. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome a hazelnut branch or a small plant were considered a lucky gift. The rod of Asclepius (symbol of the emergency medical services across Europe) just seems to be a hazel branch. “Le Masche” (witches of the Piedmont folk memory) got their own magic wand, the baculum, from hazel branches.

5.  Everything of the hazelnut gets used

You can make a good tea from the leaves, while the shells are used to heat the houses with the stoves. Flour, pasta and oil are obtained from the kernel. The hazelnut is a fruit rich in properties, virtues and versatility.


Our hazelnuts are characterized by a persistent aroma, which remains constant also after the roasting process. The pulp is fragrant, not too sweet. Spherical in the shape, with a strong and thin shell, the PGI Piedmont Hazelnut is easy to process, the structure of the shell allows an easy shelling with the reduction of the risk of damaging the seed.

The pulp is rich of valuable substances, a good level of oleic acid (the same substance we find in the extra virgin olive oil) allows to keep the bad cholesterol under control. The hazelnut is the nut with the highest percentage of vitamin E. Recent studies demonstrated that a regular consumption of hazelnuts (30 to 40 grams a day) is useful for a healthy and fit life.

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    Cravanzana, Alta Langa, Piemonte - ITALY

    Cravanzana, Alta Langa, ITALY

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    For four generations the Robaldo family has been growing hazelnuts in Cravanzana village, in the Alta Langa area, Italy.

    Craftsmanship, the pursuit of the highest quality and respect for the environment emphasize the characteristics of excellence of the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut, the pride of these territories.

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