I Love Cravanzana

I Love Cravanzana

Welcome to Cravanzana, Pais dra Nisora! (village of the hazelnut).

We are located in Alta Langa, wooded and wild area. We are at about 550 m above the sea level. The first historical evidences date back to 1125: the Marquis Bonifacio del Vasto (descendant of the Aleramici dynasty) divided his possessions among his sons, and Cravanzana was among those possessions.

The name Cravanzana derives from the Piedmontese term Crava (goat), in fact the coat of arms of the city is represented by a goat on a mountain top.

To honor the story of Cravanzana’s name we decided to host the goats in our hazel wood. At the same time they help us keep everything in order!

Cravanzana has become the heart for the production of the Hazelnut: we cultivate it with attention and great care. The Robaldo family has been doing it for 20 years.

If you stop for a few days in our area, you could admire the castle of the Fontana Marquises, the Chiesa dei Battuti and the old village.

The open air hazelnut museum is located in the niches of the walls surrounding the castle.

Cravanzana has hospitality in its DNA, we are welcoming people ever since. Our September fair is almost millennial. It is a moment we love to celebrate.

Are you ready to step in the kingdom of Hazelnut?