BIO passion (organic) Should we take a small break?

Passione BIO

Should we take a small break?

The heart of our hazel wood: here we built a small shell, where the goats can rest, eat and drink. We decided to use goats as a tribute to the story of our village, Cravanzana, and as a proof of our attention towards organic and sustainable farming.

Nocciole Biologiche

Our hazelnuts are organic hazelnuts. We cultivate the land with respect, without the use of chemical products. We let the natural circles evolve according to their ancient rhythms.

Our dream is to give value to the hazelnut, which is our true passion, accompanying its growth, ripening and harvesting without forcing it. We strongly believe that what you give to the earth, the earth gives you back. If we cultivate respecting the natural cycles, the trees and their fruits, we are sure we will obtain a very precious hazelnut, the most beloved fruit of Alta Langa.

our Hazelnut, simply ORGANIC.