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Craftsmanship, research of the highest quality and respect for the environment emphasize the characteristics of excellence of the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut, universally recognized as the best hazelnut in the world.

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The Piedmont IGP Hazelnut

For over sixty years, Cuor di Nocciola delle Langhe has been growing hazelnuts in Cravanzana, in Alta Langa. Each phase of cultivation and processing is carried out with traditional methods to offer the consumer a genuine product with a superior taste profile.

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Organic hazelnuts

Hazelnut is our passion.

For 4 generations, hazelnut growers in Cravanzana, in Alta Langa, Piedmont. From our passion for hazelnuts we produce hazelnut paste, spreads and roasted hazelnuts, strictly BIO.

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based on IGP Piedmont Hazelnut.

Hazelnut grove in Cravanzana, in Alta Langa - Piedmont, Italy

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Hazelnut Heart of the Langhe
Via Luigi Einaudi, 2 - 12050 Cravanzana (CN) Italy
Tel. +39.392.4633764

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