Box - Best Sellers 2x250g, 310g
Box - Best Sellers 2x250g, 310g
Box - Best Sellers 2x250g, 310g

Box - Best Sellers 2x250g, 310g

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Organic hazelnuts take center stage in this box. Our Best Sellers Package offers an irresistible trio of tastings, for a sensory journey through the hills of Alta Langa, where the gastronomy and cultivation of Hazelnuts are a tradition. Spreadable Creams of 250 g each, Delicate and Intensa, and Roasted Hazelnuts to use in your recipes. Organic, Vegan Friendly, Lactose-Free, and Gluten-Free products.

The package contains:

TRADIZIONALE (Cocoa Hazelnut Spread) 250 g + DELICATA Hazelnut Spread 250 g + PERFETTA (Organic Roasted Hazelnuts) 310 g.

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The “Tonda
Gentile” hazelnut

Craftsmanship and respect for the environment

Hazelnuts are our passion

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Cravanzana, Piedmont, Italy

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Un’armonia di aromi e di sapori da leccarsi i baffi!!! Se volete farvi una coccola, da Barbara e Marco di Cravanzana, siete nel posto giusto !! Ne vale davvero la pena !!

Laura C.

Ci sono sapori che trasmettono emozioni, che richiamano ricordi... così è per la bontà dei prodotti dell’Azienda Agricola Cuore di nocciola delle Langhe.

Enrica T.

The territory and the tradition

We are in Cravanzana village, in the heart of Alta Langa, Piedmont, ITALY. We are welcoming people who love to welcome and make those who come to our area feel at home.

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The PGI Piedmont Hazelnut

Five facts you may not know about the PGI Piedmont Hazelnut. We bet you don’t know at least one of the facts we are about to tell you about the PGI Piedmont Hazelnut!

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Visit our hazelnut grove

We love the hazelnuts extremely much. We love them so much we have created a trail through the groves to allow you to experience step by step the manufacturing process of our specialties.

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In the heart of Piedmont, ITALY.

In the village of Cravanzana there has always been a strong spirit of hospitality: we are hospitable people, used to welcoming and making those who come to our area feel at home.

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